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eero revolutionized home Wi-Fi by creating products that are simple to use, reliable, and provide fast and secure internet connectivity throughout the home. eero was cofounded in 2014 by Nick Weaver (CEO), Nate Hardison (CTO), and Amos Schallich (VP of Engineering). eero quickly gained popularity for its mesh Wi-Fi systems that eliminate dead zones and provide seamless connectivity in every corner of the house. eero was acquired by Amazon in 2019, allowing the company to further expand its product offerings and reach more customers with its innovative Wi-Fi solutions. eero released its Pro series in 2022.

Key eero metrics

  • Founded in 2014
  • Focus is on simplicity, reliability, and performance.
  • Makes setting up and managing a client’s network a breeze.
  • Provides fast and reliable speeds.
  • Minimizes latency to provide a smooth and responsive online experience.
  • Proprietary TrueMesh technology dynamically optimizes your client’s network.
  • Eliminates dead zones and provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage in every room.
  • Ad blocking, malware protection, encryption, and automatic updates keep networks secure.
  • Works seamlessly with smart home devices.



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The Secret is in the Mesh

eero’s products are designed to create a patented mesh network that blankets an entire home with fast, reliable Wi-Fi. eero calls it TrueMesh technology. These systems consist of multiple devices that work together to ensure consistent connectivity for all your devices, from smartphones and laptops to smart home devices and streaming media players. eero products are easy to set up and manage through a user-friendly app, making them ideal for professional tech-savvy users and their clients alike. TrueMesh technology truly adapts to your client and their needs.

Made for the Home

TrueMesh gets to know a client’s home and optimizes for its layout, their connected devices, and overall network usage. The result is faster speeds, greater network coverage, and a more reliable connection.

Avoids Conflicts

TrueMesh is a patented technology (exclusive to eero) that relies on dynamic routing algorithms and real time data for less speed degradation.

Corrects Itself

If there’s a disruption of any kind, TrueMesh hops between eero devices to keep the balance, so your clients signal stays strong and uninterrupted.

Smart Security

eero uses the latest security protocol in wi-fi. WPA3 (an eero labs feature) provides and extra layer of password protection and encryption to keep your clients network and data secure.

Control Wi-Fi from the App

Your clients may use the eero app to check network speed, see which devices are connected, diagnose issues, set wifi parameters for kids, and more.

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