Why Digital Watchdog Spectrum IPVMS?

IP Video, Digital Watchdog

When Digital Watchdog introduced Spectrum IPVMS (IP Video Management Software) in 2013 we knew we had a special product.  We had already been using the predecessor product (Eve Media Player) which was a tool that helped us show the value proposition of megapixel video.  What little did we know that it was going to be the foundation of the Spectrum IPVMS platform. 

From the beginning, Spectrum was unlike anything on the market – it could seamlessly handle multiple megapixel video streams and the interface was customizable so you can design and assign a view however you saw fit.  Both features that have yet to be matched in the market, but the biggest wow factor was how we could search for video in an instant.

Since 2014, Spectrum has evolved into one of the most advanced VMS platforms on the market and the lifetime of Free upgrades has made it one of the most desirable platforms in the SMB and Enterprise markets.  With each new release, new features are added but the original foundation will not change. 

Open architecture with cross platform capabilities – Spectrum works with just about every camera manufacturer in the industry.  In addition, integration of 3rd party devices is made easily through Spectrum’s built-in Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing for 3rd party devices.  Cross platform capabilities allow Spectrum to be implemented on Windows or Linux OS for added flexibility. 

Interface is dramatically easier to use – Viewing, searching, downloading and programming are all done from one interface.  No having to switch from one application to another to view recorded video.  The customizable interface allows users complete freedom to design the layout that works best for their needs.  View and playback up to 64 cameras on one screen in live and playback.  Searching for video couldn’t be easier.  Using the built-in motion search simply highlight any area on a view and the adaptive timeline instantly displays results from the entire HDD storage array without having to wait for the video to process – a complete game ganger in itself when reviewing playback. 

Enterprise features are standard – This separates Spectrum from all other VMS platforms.  No additional charges for enterprise features gives dealers a predictable cost without having to worry if certain features are only available in certain additions.  Dealers know that Spectrum IPVMS has standard enterprise features such as multi-server support, centralized management, failover, LDAP, video wall and other features that the other guys require you to upgrade to a different “Enterprise” product that allows for those features.

 Part of an end-to-end complete IP solution – DW has a complete product offering to include cameras, encoders and Blackjack servers.  Dealers love the seamless support and incredible options when implementing a DW solution.  Backed by a mature, sophisticated distribution chain, Dealers know that DW is available through their local security distributor.

Lifetime upgrades / no annual agreements – Most VMS companies live and die by annual software agreements to maximize profitability and fund on-going development.  DW took a different approach.  The most frequent complaint amongst DW’s competitors is having to pay for future upgrades and features as well as on-going support.  DW saw that the VMS incumbents were not listening to their customers and saw a considerable opportunity by offering lifetime upgrades and no software support agreements.  Dealers and end-users love and appreciate this approach.

Scalable from one to thousands of devices – Regardless of the application, Spectrum is completely scalable allowing for a unified user experience well-suited for multi-site, enterprise applications.  From one to thousands of deployments, Spectrum is scalable to handle the different requirements for each location.

Get a demonstration – The team at Southeast Security Products can demonstrate the incredible features of Spectrum remotely or in-person.  If you have never experienced Spectrum, give it a try for free and download the Spectrum Client software Download The Latest Version of Spectrum for Free and see for yourself just how easy and fluid it is.