Reimagining Your Video Management System:The Advantages of DW Spectrum IPVMS

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It seems that everyone wants to believe their IP Video Management System (IPVMS) is the best. As a manufacturer’s representative and former distribution professional, I’ve run across many. I’ve listed 10 “must have features” I believe anyone’s IPVMS should be capable of. I’ve also commented on DW’s Spectrum IPVMS capabilities on each feature. It might be biased, in your view, yet in mine, it’s one of the easiest for your customer to use, it’s not an “invoice factory” for the integrator, and it comes with lifetime upgrades and no annual agreements. It’s also robust with features your customer needs. Compare for yourself. There’s a very good chance it could save you time and money using the DW Spectrum IPVMS.

1. User Experience and Interface:

Choose a system with an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and use, reducing the learning curve for administrators and operators. DW Spectrum IPVMS is one of most user-friendly video management software systems available. It features easy systems set-up, easy configuration, easy recording, and easy monitoring. This video management software boasts the fastest video search in the industry which your customers will rave about.

2. Scalability:

Look for a system that can easily scale as your needs grow. Make sure the video management software system can support the number of cameras you have or plan to have in the future. The DW Spectrum IPVMS is scalable from one to thousands of devices and is deployed at tens of thousands of locations worldwide. Enterprise video management features are standard including multi-server and centralized management.

3. Key Features and Functionality:

Choose a system that is compatible with a wide range of cameras and other devices to ensure easy integration with your existing infrastructure. The DW Spectrum IPVMS with DW cloud provides cloud video surveillance that can connect from anywhere to share access instantly. It supports thousands of devices including cameras, encoders, and I/O modules from leading manufacturers. DW Spectrum IPVMS features open architecture, enterprise video management, secure video encryption, fisheye de-warping, PTZ control, smart motion search, multi-system switching, and its ability to connect with any willing access or video analytic solution.

4. Cloud Integration and Remote Access:

Ensure the system allows for remote access so you can view and manage your video feeds from anywhere with an internet connection. DW Spectrum IPVMS users can change between DW Spectrum Systems by connecting their servers to their DW Cloud account, allowing easy access through the DW Spectrum desktop client, mobile application, or web client. DW Spectrum Mobile for iOS and Android smartphones is a mobile security app that provides fast and dependable mobile access to any DW Spectrum IPVMS system. DW Spectrum IPVMS supports all major operating systems with the ability to link any system to DW Cloud for fast, reliable remote access.

5. Video Analytics:

Look for a system that offers advanced video analytics capabilities such as motion detection, object tracking, and license plate recognition. DW analytics are integrated into DW Spectrum IPVMS. Some depend on the type of camera you are using. Motion detection, perimeter intrusion, line crossing, scene change, video blur detection, and abnormal color detection are offered. DW’s ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and MMCR (Make, Brand, Color and Type Recognition) Ai cameras offer seamless integration into DW Spectrum IPVMS.

6. Storage and Retention:

Make sure the video management software system provides sufficient storage capacity and allows for easy retrieval of archived footage when needed. DW Spectrum IPVMS offers a simple way to manage the internal storage of a system. Each DW Spectrum Server can use unlimited local and network storage (local storage options permitting) where if more storage is added to the local machine, the DW Spectrum Server program will automatically balance space consumption across the storage drives.

7. User Management:

Choose a system that offers robust user management capabilities, allowing you to control access levels and permissions for different users. DW Spectrum provides certain predefined User Roles that have preset permissions: Owner, Administrator, Viewer, Advanced Viewers, and Live Viewer. It is possible to import users from a preexisting corporate network directory (“LDAP”). It is possible to track the actions that users perform in the system.

8. Alerts and Notifications:

Look for a system that can send alerts and notifications based on predefined triggers such as motion detection or camera tampering. DW Spectrum IPVMS provides a powerful notification mechanism for notifying Users of Events that occur. DW Spectrum IPVMS can send E-mails to users or to additional addresses when events occur.

9. Security and Compliance:

Ensure the system is reliable and secure, with features such as encryption, user authentication, and regular software updates to protect against vulnerabilities. DW’s long standing strategy has been to place its customer’s privacy and cyber security first. DW’s products are NDAA and TAA compliant. DW Spectrum IPVMS comes with lifetime upgrades. DW has developed a solid reputation for product quality and performance, with the most reliable and feature-rich products and applications, protecting 60% of the Top 20 global brands, in retail, financial, enterprise, healthcare, government and all other key vertical markets.

10. Support and Maintenance:

Consider the support and maintenance options offered by the vendor, including technical support, training, and software updates. DW Spectrum IPVMS comes with lifetime upgrades and no annual agreements. DW offers some of the industry’s best technical support professionals.

A. DW University is available online for learning and product certification.

B. DW Support Knowledge Base is a wealth of support articles for
common issues.

C. A Resource Library allows users to find all available documentation


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